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A.C.T. is a full contact weapon fighting and self defense Israeli system , developed by Alexander Zhelezniak and Noah Gross. It was formalized and introduced to the world wide community 15 years ago. The system has been presented and taught (seminars , courses) in about 20 countries. A.C.T. is being taught on a regular basis in 15 countries up to date.

A.C.T. is about giving the student the tools to handle himself/herself in combat with and against weapons.

Translation? We teach people how to fight with weapons and effectively defend against them, whether the student is armed or unarmed.


Alexander Zhelezniak

Chief instructor and founder of A.C.T.

Alex has been doing martial arts for more than 20 years. He has some Judo and boxing training, studied Shotokan Karate , trained in Kendo, fencing, and Arnis. He has been doing ACT training for more than 15 years now and has been training in one aspect of weapon fighting or another every day of the past decade.

Alex has gained unique experience in this field by pitting himself against a wide range of opponents in full contact sparring with steel blunts, wooden wasters and padded simulators. All of this has resulted in him formulating his experience into a systematized method of fighting and training students to the best weapon fighters they can be.

Noah Gross

Senior instructor and co-founder of A.C.T.

Noah has been involved with martial arts for more than 30 years.

In 1989 after completing his mandatory service in the IDF he recommitted himself to practicing martial arts and has been doing so ever since. He has had the pleasure of studying with many great teachers among them Doron Navon, Mark Davis, and Moty Nativ, and holds the rank of 6th dan in Bujinkan Ninjutsu. Over the last decade Noah has delved into combat systems focused on the use of weapons such as Western renaissance martial arts, Arnis and Historical Kapap stick fighting.

Noah is also a martial arts historian specializing in the history of hand to hand combat in Pre-state Israel and has published a book on the subject in 2010.

Since 2004 Noah has been part of the formation and development of A.C.T. – armed combat and tactics.

Veel gestelde vragen

Is het toegestaan om met wapens te trainen?

Ja, we trainen met oefenwapens die binnen de wetgeving vallen.

Hoe oud moet je zijn voor ACT?

ACT is voor iedereen van 18 jaar en ouder.

Ik heb geen ervaring met vechtsporten is dat een probleem?

Nee hoor, of je wel of geen evaring hebt met vechtsporten maakt niets uit. Wat belangrijk is is je inzet en motivatie.

Is ACT ook voor iedereen?

Ja, iedereen kan komen trainen, het is echter wel full contact dus het kan er hard aan toe gaan.

Met welke wapens trainen jullei?

We trainen met alle korte wapens zoals mes, tacticle baton, machette.

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